General Surgery

From appendectomy to thighplasty and beyond.

It might seem odd for “general” surgery to be a “specialty.” But general surgeons have to be skilled at lots of different procedures involving many parts of the body. Ask us whether a surgical procedure is right for you.

General Surgical Procedures at Hancock Health

Other General Surgical Procedures We Perform

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Axillary Lymph Node Dissection (ALND)

Removal of lymph nodes under the arm to check for the spread of breast cancer.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal

Treatment for a common type of skin cancer.

Colon Resection

Removal of part of the colon to treat colon cancer.

Colostomy Reversal

Surgery to reverse a colostomy to reattach the bowel after a temporary colostomy.

Extremity Injection

Typically used to treat patients with hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain.

Gastrostomy (G-Tube Surgery)

The insertion of a tube used for feeding.


Surgery to remove hemorrhoids.

Hernia Repair

A procedure to fix a hernia.

Incision & Drainage (I&D)

Minor surgeries to relieve pus or pressure buildup under the skin.

Lipoma Excision

Removal of slow-growing, usually benign tumors.

MAC (Multi-Lumen Access Catheters) Placement

Insertion of a single catheter with more than one line.


Surgical removal of the breast to treat breast cancer.

Muscle Biopsy

Removing a sample of tissue to diagnose muscle disease.


Removal of excess fatty tissue from the abdomen.

Pilonidal Cyst Removal

Treatment for a cyst usually located near the tailbone.

Pleural Catheter Placement

Treatment for “water on the lungs.”

Porta-Catheter Removal

A simple procedure to remove an implanted catheter.

Skin Lesion Removal

Procedures to remove growths on the skin.


Removal of the spleen, typically to treat a rupture.

Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

A procedure to remove excess skin on thighs.

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General Surgery

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General Surgery

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General Surgery

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General Surgery

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General Surgery

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