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Other Orthopedic Procedures We Perform

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Fusion of two or more bones of a joint to relieve arthritis pain.

Bilateral Knee Replacement (Arthroplasty)

Replacement of both knees during the same surgical procedure.

Carpal Tunnel Release

An outpatient procedure to relieve pain and weakness in the hand.

External Fixation

Holding fragments of broken bone together with metal pins attached outside the skin.

Hip Hemiarthroplasty (Bipolar)

A partial replacement of the hip joint.

Incision & Drainage (I&D)–Hand

A minor surgical procedure to treat abscesses and boils.

Intramedullary Nail & Rod Surgeries

To align and stabilize broken bones and help them heal properly.

Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement

A procedure that reverses the shoulder ball and socket to treat arthritic shoulders that also have a rotator cuff tear.

Unicondylar Knee Replacement

An alternative to total knee replacement for patients with damage on only one side of the joint.

Meet Our Surgeons

Wil Adams, DPM

P: 317-477-6683

Orthopedics, Podiatry

Clayton Strong, MD

P: 317-477-6683


Barrett Boody, MD

P: 317-428-5027

Spine Surgery

Christopher DeFalco, MD

P: 317-318-7030


Melton Doxey III, MD

P: 317-621-6725


Ryan Hart, MD

P: 317-355-7375


Adam Huff, MD

P: 317-462-5544


Ralph Kahn, MD

P: 317-318-7030


Anjan Kaushik, MD

P: 317-415-9277


Paul Kraemer, MD

P: 317-462-5544


Thomas Matthews, MD

P: 317-462-5544


Sameer Puri, MD

P: 31-875-9105


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