How should I prepare for my at-home recovery?

  • Ask someone to spend at least the first week after surgery at home with you—especially if you live alone. 
  • Prepare to be unable to lift anything that would make you strain. You’ll be instructed to avoid lifting anything, including children, for about six weeks.
  • Prepare to take it easy for at least a week—compile reading material or a list of movies or television shows you’d like to watch.
  • Shop for groceries before your procedure and have lots of hydrating liquids and healthy foods, full of fiber and protein, on hand. You will be advised not to drive for about three weeks.
  • Have dark towels and clothing available. They’ll absorb any leaking fluid.
  • Prepare to wear a special bra, compression garments, and elastic bandages around the treated areas. We will give you exact instructions about which garments to wear and for how long.
  • Know you will probably have one or two small drains at your surgical site. We’ll tell you exactly how to care for them and how long they’ll be in. 
  • Prepare to be unable to shower for several days. (You’ll be advised not to take a bath or soak in a hot tub for about a month.)
  • Prepare to sleep on your back, with pillows under your head and knees or in a recliner for the first two weeks after your surgery. After that for the next two weeks, you’ll be asked to sleep on your side or back, but not on your stomach. (After about a month, you’ll be able to resume your normal sleeping position.)

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