How is breast reconstruction done?

Breast reconstruction surgery can be achieved through a variety of different techniques that can begin when you have your mastectomy, or it can be scheduled at a later time. Breast reconstruction usually requires at least two procedures. The process you and your surgeon ultimately choose will be determined based on your body type, medical history, previous therapy and surgeries, and your discussions with your surgeon.

If You Choose Silicone Implants 

Breast reconstruction using implants involves surgically placing a breast-shaped silicone pouch— filled with either silicone gel or saline—into your chest following your mastectomy. If you choose silicone implants, your surgeon might recommend a process that involves a single surgery to place the implants at the same time your mastectomy is done. Another possibility is a two-stage process which begins with inserting a balloon-like tissue expander—which stretches the skin and soft tissue in the breast area, making room for the implant—into your chest for a few months and then replacing it with the breast implant in a future procedure. 

If You Want to Use Your Own Tissue

If you and your surgeon decide to use your own tissue for your breast reconstruction, your surgeon will relocate tissue from your abdomen, back, buttocks, or thigh areas to your chest to form your new breast. Depending upon the surgery that’s right for you, your surgeon might move the tissue by tunneling through your skin to the chest area, keeping it attached to its original blood supply. In other cases, your tissue will be relocated by detaching it from the donor area in your body and then reattaching it in your chest area, forming a new breast. If your tissue is detached, it will be reattached using a technique called microsurgery, when a microscope is used to connect the tiny vessels to a new blood supply.

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