Are there other procedures that are associated with breast reconstruction?

Two procedures you might want to know about as you consider breast reconstruction are listed below.

Nipple reconstruction and tattooing 

  • As part of the reconstruction process, you can also choose to have your nipple reconstructed and tattooed to make the skin darker and more natural looking. Nipple reconstruction is usually an outpatient procedure that uses skin from your new breast to form the new nipple. If you decide to have your nipple reconstructed, get a tattoo, or both, this process is generally the last stage of breast reconstruction and can be done about four months after your breast reconstruction is complete.

Fat grafting 

  • Following reconstruction, some women experience abnormalities in the shape of one or both breasts. When this happens, a fat grafting procedure, in which fat is obtained by liposuction and then injected into the breast, can be used.

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